Engagement beyond the Sale

The Retailer-Customer Engagement Platform that incentivises and rewards both parties for staying connected well after the sale.

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How to stay connected to your Customers

Until recently when a sale was made the Retailer and Shopper simply parted ways. Now, what ever E-commerce, ERP or CRM solution you use. Delloop­ keeps that connection alive. This enduring Customer Engagement leads to High Customer Retention ✔ Increase in Sales Volume ✔ Reduced Customer Servicing Costs ✔ Digitally Accurate Marketing ✔ Lower Advertising Costs ✔ MORE PROFIT

Smarter Retailer Business

The Delloop solution enables Retailers to profit beyond the traditional "Sales-Cycle" by extending it throughout two important stages, the Customer's lifecycle & the Product's usage. The efficiencies gained add to a business's viability through... ✔ Sustainability ✔ Continuity ✔ Engagement ✔ Profit Retention

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Consumer Driven

Consumers appreciate having access to their own data. They can see all their purchases, from every retailer all in one place, not just during the sale and delivery but long afterwards. They can see the warranty status of their products and contact the Retailer with queries along the way.

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“It’s rare to encounter a startup that finds a very real problem and offers the right solution at the first try. I can only see the extremely experienced Delloop team hit the nail on this one.”
Marcos Bravo
The Waterlemon

Delloop features a Composable DXP platform which enables it to be used with any eCommerce or CRM/ERP soution without complex Integration.  We do however provide simple ready made plugins for Shopify and WooCommerce boosting them with all the functionality and features Delloop provides.