eCommerce has Evolved

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We take you beyond the Sale

Until recently when a sale was made the Retailer and Shopper simply parted ways. Delloop keeps the connection alive and that means better customer engagement, more opportunities and loyal shoppers. Discover Delloop Now

Next Generation Retail

The Delloop solution goes beyond the "Sales-Cycle", and takes into consideration two Life-Cycles, Customer & Product. The efficiencies gained provide Sustainability, Continuity & Engagement Discover Delloop Now

Consumer Driven

Consumers finally have access to their own data. They can see all their purchases, from every retailer all in one place, not just during the sale and delivery but long afterwards. They can see the warranty status of their products and contact the Retailer with queries along the way. Discover Delloop Now

“It’s rare to encounter a startup that finds a very real problem and offers the right solution at the first try. I can only see the extremely experienced Delloop team hit the nail on this one.”
Marcos Bravo