Delloop, known as “The Internet’s Customer Hotline™” is part of the $60bn industry that provides support services to the e-commerce industry.

It is the first company to address the costly communication gap that exists between online Retailers and their Customers using its secure, enduring and bi-directional communication channel.

This is a right-time right-place, first to market solution to a significant problem and Delloop is poised to make a very real impact on retailers of every size.

Investing in Delloop is an opportunity to work with an experienced and mature team that has taken previous start-ups all the way to multi-million dollar exits.

We are looking for those who have time, ideas and industry experience, as well as funds to invest.

We welcome traditional Investors as well as Partners who would like to be part of our plans to fast-track Delloop so that it can take its place as an important player in the future of e-commerce.

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