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We reduce e-commerce operational costs, increase efficiency, boost customer retention
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a Perfect Customer Experience

Why Delloop?

Awesome features for All


Finally, enjoy an end-to-end purchasing experience with a level of customer service, enhanced support, benefits and convenience that exceeds your expectations


Reduce overheads, create customer loyalty, increase efficency and build an enduring customer base to which you can apply enhanced cross/upselling techniques via permission based marketing


Finally unrivalled connectivity with your end-users. Fast track RMA processes, warranty claims, reduce technical support costs, promote end-of-life product recycling and more


Identify inefficiencies in your delivery chain. Lower costs, improve profit margins and increase customer satisfaction


How do we do it?

21st Century E-Commerce

The Delloop Ecosystem

We’re closing the loop, delivering a perfect customer experience through the adoption of LiQuID technology and new processes. Securely and efficiently connecting the customer to the retailer, manufacturer and shipper

Low Cost Solution

Quick Return on Investment

Fast, low cost integration with existing legacy systems via API or plugin. Customer driven processes reduce costs, overheads and shift the flow of value by capturing lost revenues, thereby creating new revenues

Ongoing benefits for all

Multi Perspective

Although built on the correct premise that a happy customer is a returning customer, Delloop actually makes sense for all the parties involved in e-commerce and brings with it a revolution in customer service that promotes profitability and competitiveness


E-Commerce Customer Facts & Industry Insights

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Increase in sales when customers feel supported

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Up to 95% increase in profit by raising retention rates 5%

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Don't on-buy goods due to poor customer support

“For me, customer centricity is a digital interface to the customer covering the entire experience – from the first inspiration to purchase to delivery and completion. Only those companies that truly put the customer at the heart of their operations will succeed in the future.“
Dr. Christian Langer
Vice President Digital Strategy Lufthansa Group
"Customer experience (CX) is the new marketing battlefront."
Chris Pemberton
B2B Adviser Gartner Group

Testimonials...well they could be!

what Would Our Members Think of You?

Customer Support... not really! !

I really like ****'s product range and fast shipping, but, I have had nothing but problems getting through to their customer support when I received a faulty product. I was made to wait and wait before being issued a Returns Authorisation and even then I had to repeat my complaint again and do my own follow-up!

I now only purchase from Delloop partner stores and my returns are simple to initiate with the press of a button. Plus Delloop does all the followup for me too.
Maria Swinston
Queens, USA
Warranty Headaches

Previously I had purchased a **** online and found that it had started failing. When I tried to find the original order, so I could claim under warranty I just couldn't remember where I bought it, the registration details or date date of purchase. Too hard, I just decided to give up.

With Delloop, all my orders, from any Delloop partner sites are automaticaly logged for me in one place. Dellloop stores payment methods, serial numbers, delivery details etc. It even issues a pre-warning when each warranty period is about to expire.
Tony Seinse
Gloucester, UK
Delivery Problems

**** kept leaving my food shopping way too close to the dog kennels. It was inconsiderate at best and a health hazard at worst. I spoke to the drivers many times, but nothing ever happened.

Now I simply use the automated Delloop APP to photograph and upload my complaint to the customer service department. Right away I get a message from the shipper registering the issue and what's more I never to call anyone as the followup is also logged on the my member page.
Martina Chancey
Palo Alto, USA

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