Delloop for Shopify

TAKING Retailers beyond the front door

The Delloop Solution
for Shopify

A Retail Revolution

Until recently when a sale was made the Retailer and Shopper simply parted ways. Delloop™­ keeps the connection alive
and that means better customer engagement, more opportunities and loyal shoppers.

The benefits for Retailers and Customers


What is Delloop for Shopify?

Delloop for Shopifyis a specific version created to support Shopify retailers handle costly after-sales problems: delivery issues, returns, warranty claims and technical support.
It also does much more: including access to precision analytics and marketing opportunities to your existing Customers and an entirely new base of Customers.

Why did we create it?

Every Shopify store would benefit from a better connection to their Customers – to be able to reach them with your latest news and offers, and to help them quickly and easily when they need support.

Keeping your Customer close is the best way to keeping your Customer long term and Delloop’s incentivised interactions solve many of the issues associated with Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention.

Why Customers shop at a Delloop enabled Shopify stores.

View a demo of how the Customer and Retailer interact. See the actual screens and follow the process from first connect through to features and benefits


Why Delloop for Shopify?

We know not every online store has a big budget for troubleshooting problems or for ongoing marketing, however we believe every Shopify retailer deserves the same opportunities to stay connected to their Customer.

So, Delloop levels the playing field by being affordable and scalable.

Like to learn more about how you can supercharge your Store?

Curious? Interested? Sceptical?

If you’d like to know more about Delloop for Shopify or for other versions for other ecommerce solutions, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!