The evolution of the retail landscape, both physical and digital, has never been so rapid or dramatic. With demands for better, faster, easier service retailers are now faced with a survive or die mandate that will see them either secure a long term relationship with their customer or lose them forever.

We do this by introducing integration and interaction beyond restrictive touchpoints. We address, connect and, in fact, loop the entire Customer Experience – from the initial shopping “1st-Experience”, to a “Beyond the Front Door” post-delivery immersive experience.

Delloop helps retailers turn a one-time sale into a long term customer initiating what we call “The Endless Order” cycle. 



Here are just some of the benefits, read below for more information.

  • Limitless/Endless Orders
  • Phygital Opportunities
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Reduced Last mile of Delivery Issues
  • Reduced Customer Servicing Costs
  • Reduction in Customer Churning
  • Effective Permission-Based Marketing
  • Reduced Abandoned Carts
Get an Immersive, Connected, Emotive boost to your Brand, Sales & Loyalty.

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Retailer Partner Benefits

Huge membership base

As a Delloop Retail Partner, you’ll have access to our growing and diverse membership base for marketing and communication purposes.

Direct communication channel

Delloop leverages modern technology to provide a secure, enduring and bi-directional communication channel between you and your customers. Neatly packetized information from the customer means all queries arrive already ear-marked for the correct right resolution centre within your company to your customer support provider. 

An efficient customer satisfaction solution

A myriad of benefits – from reduced service personnel, less reliance on third-party support, to more reliable customer feedback and faster query resolution – all of which results in happier customers who stay with you.
Happied customers become loyal customers and that means lower costs and higher returns.

Access to a diverse membership community

Delloop Partner Retailers have direct marketing access to not just their own customers, but to the entire Delloop Member base.

Better communication = better service = happier loyal customers
= reduced acquisition & retention costs and more profit!

Smarter customer support

Technology has enabled both the customers as well as marketers to connect with each other from the comfort of their homes but at the same time, it has also widened the post-purchase communication gap between both the parties.

With a large number of purchases happening online, companies often find it difficult to get direct feedback from their customers.

As a result of this delayed response, situations often explode into a series of snowball effects leading to a large pool of dissatisfied customers.

Delloop helps companies close this missing loop by remaining close to their customers after the sale and by providing a direct communication channel between themselves and their customers. 

Delloop leverages modern technology providing a secure, enduring and bi-directional communication channel which greatly reduces the level of out-sourced third-party support and facilitates speedy problem resolution, as well as opening up a new channel for feedback and direct marketing.

Visit Delloop Retailer Site (Closed Beta ask for access)