Retailer Help

The Retailer Help section is divided into two parts.

  1. GETTING READY From registering as a Delloop Partner through to the setup of your Store’s interaction with Delloop all the way to creating a Customer incentive to accompany your first Incentivised package. [See side panel for more information]
  2. MANAGE: Discover how to reply and interact with your customers Delivery Issues and Queries as well learn how to create Special Offers, Alerts and more.


  1. Registration / Getting the Plugin
  2. Store and Contact Profile
  3. Create Incentives
  4. Sending Incentised parcels
Why send out a package with the QR code that Delloop has supplied?

A great way to ensure a Customer returns to your store is via an Incentive. Clicking on the QR code on the package is a unique and easy way for your Customer to receive this Incentive. It also begins your journey of going beyond the Customer’s front door and into a longer engagement with them.

Every time a Customer clicks on that QR code and receives an Incentive from you, they remember your store, they feel acknowledged by your store, and they will come back to your store to claim their Incentive and, in doing so, make another purchase.

At the same time, this simple action of clicking on the QR code connects them to our store via the power of Delloop and more doors open up between you. Now your Customer has the ability to communicate more directly with you – for support, to provide feedback, to influence others and to transact repeatedly.

Using Alerts and Special Offers your store can reach out directly to your current Customers, as well as to highly targeted NEW Customers from across the Delloop Membership base.

All of this is fueled by a wealth of new insights and that invaluable feedback loop and it all got started from your store sending out a package with a simple QR code!