The Retailer Dashboard

Delloop Retailers enjoy an enduring connection to their Customers even after the sale. This connection limits last mile issues, reduces support friction, increases retention, creates on-selling and cross-selling opportunities, as well as builds a strong loyal Customer following. 

At the same time Retailers are able to create marketing opportunities, access trends and deep analytics such as Gender/Age/ASP per Gender etc., derived from not just their Customer base but the entire Delloop Membership base.  

API based, the Delloop Retailer solution sits on the Retailer’s network edge. It is non-intrusive and can be easily integrated with specific ERP backends. 

Below you will see the standard Delloop Retailer Backend which in itself provides a complete interface for all Delloop services.  Of course your customers (our Members) are also provided with iOS and Android apps. You can also see the Member’s Interactions screens here.

Last Mile Issues

Using the Delloop App Members can directly report a Delivery Issue to the Retailer. Automatically attached to each message is the relevant Customer and Order Information, no look-up required. The Retailer responds to the Customer via this channel and can view the full history of their communication with Members.

Member’s View

Retailer Dashboard

Retailers have access to a range of standard statistics about their Members and their purchasing habits, such as Age, Gender, ASP, ASP per Gender/Age and more. The API provides data for specific queries and analytics depending on the Retailer's requirements.

Favorite Stores

A list of Favorite Retailers is automatically compiled for Member, reflecting where they shop most frequently. It includes a link to each store for easy access. There are opportunities for Retailers to be featured in this list.

Member’s View


Retailers send Alerts to Members notifying them of important information – an upcoming sale, product launch, run-out or recall, a change in opening hours. Alerts can be sent with AI precision to specific customer profiles or groups. They can be sent to a Retailer’s own Customers or more broadly across the Delloop Membership base.

Member’s View

After Sales

Members can use the App to message a Retailer directly for Pre and Post-sales help, Technical Support, Warranty Claims or to make a General enquiry. As for Last Mile issues, each Query is accompanied by the relevant Customer/Order information for fast resolution. The Retailer responds via this channel and can view a full history of their communication with Members.

Member’s View


With every delivery, a Member receives an Incentive from the Retailer. Retailers can create a multitude of Incentives to match varied criteria. Using Delloop's technology when a Member scans the Retailer's generic QR code on the outer package it reveals an incentive that is specific ONLY to that Member. Later the Members can see a list of Incentives that can be used on future orders.

Member’s View


Similar to Alerts, Retailers can send relevant Offers to very specific AI indentifed targets within their own Customer base or across the Delloop Membership base. Offers include Discounts, Bonuses, Free Shipping and Free Products.

Member’s View

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