A Retail Revolution

Taking Retailers beyond their Customers' front door

Retailers profit through Customer Centricity

A Retail Revolution - Continuity, Sustainability and Profit

Delloop takes online retailers far beyond the constraints of the “Sales Cycle” and into the realm of the traditionally unreachable – The Customer lifecycle and Product Usage.  Delloop’s technology also gives access to increased Profit, Customer Loyalty and Repeat Sales.

Extended Edge

The furthest point from your core, is the closest point to any Shopper. Go beyond beyond the traditional limitation. Delloop keeps you connected and visible to your customers well after the sale. Attract, Interact, Transact, Repeat.

Dynamic Data Relevance

Data is visual, useable & actionable, across your Customer engagement ecosystem. Resolution paths, categories, deliveries, logistics etc., are all synced to optimize Shopper satisfaction. This builds loyalty, sentiment and brand affinity.

Versatility in Application

Delloop captures moments of truth, from in-store experiences and online journeys through the sale and delivery and most importantly beyond the customer's front door to discover product usage. Delloop is data driven and provides a wealth of insights.

Full Customer Experience

With Delloop there are no gaps between Customer Experience and your Brand. The reward is a gateway to repeat sales multipliers through an ongoing life-cycle. The viral promotion converts your customers into your evangelists.

Opted-in Shoppers

Today's consumer-driven market means shoppers have more choices. Delloop helps Retailers gain instant access to a global target profile membership base of high propensity shoppers that are incentivized through rewards.

D-Trigger: Shopper Centricity

The Customer journey does not end with the sale or delivery of a product, in fact that is where it enters into its most important phase of the lifecycle. Delloop’s D-Trigger marketing technology helps the Retailer reach Hearts & Minds.

Ready to profit through D-Trigger Marketing?

We do business your way

Measurable from day one

The Delloop solution is measurable from Day-One, against value-gained and other performance indicators. Our philosophy is to impart-value-first, so your return on investment will always be above the Spend. Curious, how about a demo?

Human-centricity first and foremost

Keenly aware of modern era economy, commerce, human disconnect and industrial discard & waste, Delloop leaders have a common visionary bond - delivering meaningful continuity and bringing Human-Centricity back to the forefront of business protocols and workflows, Delloop rewards at all touchpoints, with enduring and sustainable benefits.
One solution solving many pain points

Apart from the obvious customer churning, friction and loyalty, Delloop solves many other eCommerce pain points that account for millions of dollars in lost business.


Cart Abandonment

We deploy cross-platform digital methods to reduce online shopping cart abandonment.

Through timely digital-precision and incentivisation we increase transaction rates, conversions and create further promotional paths, opportunities and insights for the Retailer.

Resolution Paths

Plagued with disconnected workflows, many sentiment indicators don’t give accurate insights.
Our bi-directional Channel ensures precision routing from the onset and throughout the life-cycle. All moments of truth are captured, visualized in an intelligible and actionable format to ensure continuity and precision.

Reverse Logistics

Package delivery is not quite a Science yet. It’s usually outside of your QA scope as the Proof of Delivery is usually through a 3rd Party.
Our bi-directional communication channel is always open, so you’ll know the minute your customer received the delivery and if there is an issue the Shopper can relay their query without the need to access a call centre, chat box etc. The communication is forwarded direct to your resolution team and accompanied by all support details required to solve issues quickly.

Customer Acquisition

Package delivery is exciting for Shoppers. They want to show others, post it, endorse it and soak it up. Why then is this moment also the end of the sale for Retailers? Instead of “Proof of Delivery” the vision should be “Proof of Endless-Sales”
Delloop does just that – let your competition stop there, while you continue and multiply, with greater brand affinity and heightened sentiment.  Incentivized and continuous engagement connections keep the emotives visible, actionable and trackable by you. 
Act with timely precision through the combined product and customer lifecycles as well as permission bases interaction with millions of shoppers, resulting in a huge sales multiplier.
Our people

Strength through domain experience

Our core team of experts have been deeply immersed in the market-shaping front-end of Retail Innovation & Technology, totaling over 120 years of combined leadership & domain experience. We have been correcting the "Chasm" one project at a time.
Our impact

Contributing to the community

Delloop exists to be of service and to make a genuine difference in our community. We want retailers and shoppers to know each other better, to communicate more easily and to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. We know Delloop can help make this possible.

Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Note: Some functionality may not be available at launch.