Innovation Hub

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods Consumer Packaged Goods Direct to Consumer … not just for activating brands Data driven / permission based DTC solution Delloop builds loyalty, sentiment and brand affinity. Our “endless shopping” feature increases revenue whilst effecting a lower DTC … Read More


Pharmacies Pharmacies ADDING DIVERISTY TO INCOME Medication Reminders / Reordering Automated 21st century permission based engagement as opposed to RoboCalls/Emails/SMS.  Devices, shelf OTC, DTC


Contractors Contractors Innovation in assigning job costings Managing Costs Innovation in tracking, tagging, assigning job costings. Data manipulation for future planning and budgeting.


Retail Retail Online, IN-STORE AND SOCIAL An innovative end-to-end solution for Retailers Delloop solutions utilise versatile data-centric technology to maximise touchpoints with Customers throughout the sales cycle and beyond. Dellop’s bi-lateral platform provides cross-over commerce opportunities in both digital and … Read More


Manufacturing Manufacturing NO MATTER THE PRODUCT THE ISSUES REMAIN Bi-lateral communication provides access to up-line delivery and retail data insights into purchasing trends, problematic product lines and support for upgrades and recalls.


Advertising/Media Advertising/Media Digital precision in targeted messaging Innovative response and feedback methods


Fashion Fashion Leading edge advances in know-your-customer An innovative end-to-end solution for Retailers Delloop’s bi-directional communication model meets the growing demand for engaging and productive buying experiences.


Logistics Logistics Integration with existing third-party platforms Faster troubleshooting and delivery issue resolution. The problematic last-mile transforms into the new first-mile with opportunities for Retailers, and their logistic partners, to benefit from a long term Customer connection.

Sales Focused Industries

Sales Focused Industries Sales Focused Industries AUTOMOTIVE, REAL ESTATE, MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING For market sectors that are particularly sales reliant, Delloop’s data-centric technology provides a new level of know-your-customer and communication channels for better client servicing.