Global Digital Innovation Veteran Joins Delloop

Seattle, March 16th 2021: Boundary breaking start-up, Delloop, which solves the costly disconnect between customer and retailer, has teamed up with Digital Industry Pioneer, Sam Selim to fast-track its entry into the Enterprise market.

With over 25 years of dedicated Retail focus, Selim is a celebrated and award-winning veteran of the global innovation and technology space and he joins Delloop Inc as VP of Worldwide Sales.

Delloop has spent 18 months in the development of a people-centred platform, which extends the retail sale beyond its legacy limitations and transforms how retail connect with consumers. The Delloop solution takes retailers ‘beyond the front door’ and into the minds and hearts of shoppers in a bi-directional transparent, efficient and logistically optimised manner.

Author of the respected industry bestseller, The Digital Transformation, Selim was formerly the Senior Global Director of Retail Innovation for a billion-dollar US retail consultancy and solution provider. He will be instrumental in forging influential relationships and taking Delloop to next-level market penetration of the Enterprise sector.

Selim stated: “I’ve been consulting to Fortune 500 corporations for over 25 years. Over the last 12 months, I’ve observed Delloop’s progress and it’s become apparent to me that the Delloop solution is the vital missing component Retailers require to address the all-important gap that exists between themselves and their customers. Delloop turns the traditional last-mile, into the new first mile.”

Co-Founder and CEO, Lou Schillaci stated: “Sam brings with him a wealth of domain knowledge and unparalleled experience as a retail innovator and we are thrilled to have him with us. Sam has an amazing vision, passion and work ethic and holds nothing higher or more important than taking care of his customers.”

“It was refreshing to meet Sam,” added CCO and Co-Founder, Claire Linley, “who as an industry leader not only recognises the importance of customer-centricity but is willing to join Delloop in its mission to solve the issue across the retail sector.”

Selim concluded: “Already with stealth mode endorsement from some key brands, groups and entities, Delloop is critical for the post-COVID retail recovery – a period where anyone can ‘leapfrog’ anyone else. Delloop is the missing link – the results are visible and measurable.”

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