Delloop appoints Chief Tecnology Officer

Lisbon, April 20, 2020: As the Delloop founders launch into working with their first investor, Startupbootcamp, work on the Delloop solution continues, now under the direction of newly appointed CTO, José Neto.

Neto studied at the Faculdade dos Guararapes (Brazil) and over the past 13 years, he has worked with some of the worlds most advanced multi-national tech companies, such as Trip Adviser, CleverTech, OLX and Record TV.

He is a Fullstack developer, experienced in developing complex solutions for both back-end and front-end web projects, yet he is passionate about learning and growing his knowledge base and skills. José is an avid researcher who prides himself on staying up to date but learning something new every day. His maxim: “Code is poetry”.

“We are delighted to welcome José to the team as our CTO,” stated Delloop CEO, Lou Schillaci. “José has impressive experience working on leading-edge projects. We particularly appreciate José’s unique combination of vision and problem-solving abilities, which makes him a perfect fit for our fast-moving start-up.”

With the support of its investment team, Startupbootcamp, and guided by its new CTO Neto, Delloop is poised to release its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in this quarter.

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