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Delloop named “Disruptive Startup”

October 29, 2022
Together with Nabeiro we will build a tight interactive experience for Customers across all touchpoints – whether they buy a coffee machine, order online, shop in a supermarket or visit a Delta Café. … Read More

eCommerce making a difference to animals needing a second chance

October 25, 2022
Online coffee retailer, Brews & Rescues, is using Delloop to not only increase its coffee sales, but also as a vital notification system for the many animal rescue organizations it supports. … Read More
Trigger Marketing

Delloop Delivers D-Trigger – a ‘Dimensional’ evolution

July 6, 2022
D-Trigger Marketing is a necessary evolution. It finally frees the seller from the constraints of email, PPC and other catch-all solutions. … Read More

Delloop & My Fit World – A new level of ‘fitness’ for the service industry

April 8, 2022
Delloop’s Innovation Hub is home to eCommerce businesses that are using the Delloop™platform to co-create new customer-centric solutions that boost engagement and repeat sales. … Read More

Introducing Delloop

April 7, 2022
‘First Mover’ introduces new eCommerce Concept for Retailers

First Mover’ introduces new eCommerce Concept for Retailers

April 7, 2022
Delloop™ is being talked about in just such a way. This start-up is making itself known for being the first to offer a comprehensive solution to the collection of problems that the rapidly growing $5.5 trillion global eCommerce market still faces, even after 25 years. … Read More

A new concept will help WooCommerce sellers beat rivals

March 23, 2022
A fresh approach based upon the ancient principle of retail that the customer is the key to any profitable business. … Read More

Delloop has revealed its marketing platform for WordPress eCommerce

March 18, 2022
Delloop has revealed its WordPress eCommerce helper plug-in, ‘Delloop for WooCommerce’, which looks to help further engage with customers. … Read More

New concept set to help WooCommerce retailers leapfrog competitors

March 17, 2022
Delloop for WooCommerce enables online Retailers to stay connected to their Customers throughout product usage and shopper lifecycle, well beyond the normal sales cycle, through to end-of-life and product recycling. A new concept built on the age-old retail principle that the customer holds the key to every successful business. … Read More

Emerging Enterprise Technologies and their Applications

February 9, 2022
Equal Innovation partnered with Infosys to scout emerging technologies in the areas of information technology, artificial intelligence and automation. … Read More