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Here's what to expect as a Delloop Member

Yes, Delloop is Free for Shoppers, yet it guarantees a host of unique benefits to all the Delloop members –check them out them out HERE

Access your own data

Keep track of all your online purchases in your personal dashboard. View all your orders. See your spending. Easily contact a Retailer with any query and see all your previous queries. You control your own data!
About time right?

Great Incentives

Each time a parcel arrives you'll be rewarded for being a loyal customer. Gifts include discounts, free products, cash savings, extended warranties and a host of other goodies. All because you’re a Delloop Member.
Sound good?

Warranty Updates

Delloop keeps track of the warranty dates of all your purchases and reminds you when they’re close to expiring. No need to guess if you can make a warranty claim, you will know.
Cool right?

Your Digital Shoebox

Your Member dashboard keeps track of all your online purchases which is great for storing your receipts, tracking spending, producing reports for tax.
No more searching in that old shoebox!

Direct access to Retailers

As a Delloop Member you are instantly connected to a Retailer when you need Tech Support or need make a query. No need to identify yourself or send order information, they know who you are.
Will you miss the on-hold music?

Receive VIP Special Offers

Delloop members recieve VIP Offers from their favorite stores: Special Discounts & Reduced Prices, Buy One Get One Free, Award Points, Members Only Specials and more.
Special treatment all the way!

Become a priority shopper.

Who we are

A passionate team of retail innovators

We want online shopping to be easier, friendlier and full of shopper satisfaction! As experienced retail and technology specialists we felt it was time to prioritise the Shopper with Member benefits that really mean something. After all, you’re the one spending the money!
What we do

We’re always innovating!

And looking for new opportunities for our Members to enjoy hassle-free shopping. Features like Priority Check-out, Instant Access for queries and tech support, a Gift with every order, and Warranty reminders. You can even ask Alexa for an update!

Find out how Delloop Members are becoming the world’s priority Shoppers.

If you enjoy shopping and want an even better experience, then welcome to Delloop!  We help switched-on Retailers solve  Customer Support issues with you, the Shopper, firmly in mind!

Our process

How does it work?

Take charge of your own shopping data.

Our people

Strength through our unique diversity

To us diversity is the key to a robust and balanced business. Our team comes from four different continents, speaks seven languages and our ages span several decades. These factors, combined with rich cultural differences, make for a strong and interesting team.
Our impact

Contributing to the community

Delloop exists to be of service and to make a genuine difference in our community. We want retailers and shoppers to know each other better, to communicate more easily and to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. We know Delloop can help make this possible.
Our partner STORES

Experience next generation Retail.

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