Delivery Issues

If you have a problem when a parcel is delivered you can message the store directly.

Creating a Delivery Issue

To  create a Delivery Issue:

  1. In the Delivery Issue area of the web app go to the top right, to the blue button – ‘ADD DELIVERY ISSUE’
    (From the mobile app – in the bottom menu select the ‘Truck’ icon then click ‘ADD ISSUE”)
  2. Select one of the issues, e.g., ‘Package Damaged’
  3. Click ‘NEXT STEP’
  4. Use the drop-down menus to select Retailer, Purchase and Product
  5. Click ‘NEXT STEP’
  6. Take a photo of the problem using the Delloop Mobile APP  or if using the Delloop Web App, Upload a Photo – you can also skip this step
  7. Click ‘NEXT STEP’
  8. Type a short message
  9. Click ‘NEXT STEP’
  10. Click ‘SEND’
Reading A Reply

When the Retailer replies you will receive a Notification and can view the reply:

  • in the web app go to the Delivery Issue area and click on the ‘Eye’ icon
    (From the mobile app – in the bottom menu select the ‘Truck’ icon again)
  • you can send a reply by typing in the message box at the bottom of the screen

In the Delivery Issue list, you can see a history of all your previous Delivery Issue messages

  • click on the ‘Eye’ icon to see the messaging history about each issue