The Member Apps

Delloop Members enjoy a closer connection to the stores where they shop. Using either the Mobile App or Web App they can view shopping history, warranty status and message Retailers.

With the Mobile App, Members can take photos or scan QR codes, They can also enjoy the Web App version with its larger screen space that allows for more complicated sorting, filtering and searching.


Members see a list of all their current purchases and the status of each of them – ‘Processing’ / ‘On Hold’ / ‘Cancelled’ / etc.

Member Dashboard

Members have access to a range of statistics about their Favourite Retailers and Number of Purchases made per Store. There is also a tally of the Incentive and Affiliate points they have accumulated. A Warranty graph depicts the total number of products that have warranties.

Delivery Issues

Members can report a Delivery Issue by messaging the Retailer directly using the Mobile or Web App. Automatically attached to each message is the relevant Customer and Order Information. The Retailer responds to the Customer via this channel. Members can view the full history of their communication with Retailers.

Favorite Stores

A list is automatically compiled of the stores where a Member shops frequently and the URL of each store is provided for easy access.


Members receive Alerts from Retailers about important information – an upcoming sale, product launch, run-out or recall, change in opening hours. A full list of Alerts from every Retailer can be seen in the Alerts list.


Members see a list of all their shopping history from every Retailer. They can click on each order to see the full details. Each order has a ‘Buy it Again’ button that takes the Customer back to the store where they bought it.


When a Member clicks on the Warranty graph on the Member Dashboard they are taken to a full list of all their products that have warranties and the current warranty status of each product – In Warranty (green), Nearing Expiry (orange), Expired (red).


Members can use the Apps to message a Retailer directly for Pre and Post-sales help, Technical Support, Warranty Claims or to make a General enquiry. Each Query is accompanied by the relevant Customer/Order information for fast resolution. The Retailer responds via this channel. A full history of communication is visible.


Every delivery a Member receives an Incentive from the Retailer. Using the Delloop App they scan the QR code on the outer package to reveal details of the gift. Later they can see the Incentive in a comprehensive list. Incentives, like Discounts and Free Shipping, can be used on future orders.


Similar to Alerts, Retailers can send relevant Offers to Delloop Members, including Discounts, Bonuses, Free Shipping, Free Products. Members can view a full list of all the Offers they have been sent.

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