The Delloop Innovation Hub is where technology and innovation meet the real-world requirement for human connection.

It is our need for connection that is currently driving businesses, from every sector, to become more customer-centric and to utilise their customer data in ways that bring them closer together for mutual benefit, throughout the sales cycle and beyond.

Originally designed to facilitate an end-to-end ecommerce solution for Retailers and their Customers, Delloop’s API, and accompanying technology, provides a wealth of intuitive insights that can be utilised by a broad range of industries.

The Delloop platform facilitates new focused and actionable connection points for both commercial and social applications.

The Delloop Innovation Hub combines creative thinking and entrepreneurial endeavour but always from a people-oriented perspective.

Interested parties in the following sectors should contact Delloop to discuss ideas and common goals which may be possible to develop under licence or in partnership with Delloop.

  • Retail – An innovative end-to-end solution for Retailers which utilises versatile data-centric technology to maximise touch points with Customers throughout the sales cycle and beyond. Dellop’s bi-lateral platform provides cross-over commerce opportunities in both digital and phygital realms.

  • Logistics -Integration with existing third-party platforms for faster troubleshooting and delivery issue resolution. The problematic last mile transforms into the new first mile with opportunities for Retailers, and their logistic partners, to benefit from a long term Customer connection.

  • Manufacturing – Bi-lateral communication provides access to up-line delivery and retail data insights into purchasing trends, problematic product lines and support for upgrades and recalls.

  • Media – Opportunities for enhanced audience segmenting and messaging. Highly targeted demographic insights.

  • Advertising – Digital precision in targeted messaging and innovative methods for customer response and feedback.

  • Fashion – Leading edge advances in know-your-customer, via Delloop’s bi-directional communication model meets the growing demand for engaging and productive digital experiences.

  • Commercial Contractors – innovation in tracking, tagging, assigning job costings. Data manipulation for future planning and budgeting.

  • Automotive, Real estate other sales-focused industries – For market sectors that are particularly sales reliant, Delloop’s data-centric technology provides a new level of know-your-customer and communication channels for better client servicing.

  • IoT – Opportunities to partner in scalable communication/connection infrastructure across a diverse cross-section of industries.

  • Banking & Insurance – More engaging, personalised experiences for customers of the financial services industry.