Member Beta Test Instructions

Thank you for participating in this MEMBER beta test program.

The intention is to test the usage and functionality provided to Delloop Members through both the Mobile and Web-based APPS.  In this BETA there is no requirement to test the Delloop Retailer back-end.
Note: If you’d like to join that BETA test group, please advise [email protected]

As per most BETA tests, we are looking for testers to report bugs and typos as well as ambiguous instructions and any difficulty interacting with the User Interface.

The Store owner is referred to as RETAILER
The Store’s customer is referred to as MEMBER


As well as registering as a Member you will also be asked to register with the Delloop On-Line test store. This is a requirement because some aspects of the BETA requires a second party (The Test Retailer)  to interact with you.
This is a dummy store and no payments will be made and no purchases will be delivered – this is a simulation only and required to see the full functionality.
Note: there may be some delay between testing a function and seeing the results.


We would appreciate it if you could report any bugs or issues and offer constructive feedback by emailing [email protected]

If you have not already done so, please complete this BETA application form here ….

Download the App and Register as a Member
  1. Download and install the Delloop BETA App which is in the Google Play Store here.
    – Note: As of the 22nd of January the latest version has not yet been released in the store, therefore please use your Android based mobile phone to download the version found here —> .You will find it in the APP folder it is names Delloop_App.apk 
    –  You can safely ignore any installation warnings- this is a BETA version and not production ready)
  2. Register as a Member, ensuring you use the code beta2021 where indicated.
    – If you have previously registered as a member, please advise [email protected] before going any further. We may then give you the level of access required.
  3. Complete your Profile and SAVE
  4.  Once you are registered the following are the steps you will take to conduct the BETA test.
Register at the Delloop BETA test store …. here
  1.  Go to My Account
    – Fill in your details and Register (You must use the same email address as you used to become a Delloop Member)
    – Password will be sent be email
    – You are now automatically logged in
  2. Add your Billing and Shipping addresses and Save them
  3. Go to Menu item ‘SHOP’
  4. Choose any TWO items and add them to your CART
  5. View CART
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and proceed to CHECK OUT
  7. Scroll down and click ‘PLACE ORDER’
Go back to the Delloop Mobile App
  1. From the Bottom, menu choose MY PURCHASES (filing cabinet icon)
  2. Under the ORDERS tab, you will notice the one transaction you have just completed 
    – Below the order number, you will notice two scrolling images (the two purchased items)
    – You will also notice the Date of the Order, the Total and the Retailer
    – On the top right side, you will notice the STATUS of the order which right now could be ‘Pending’. This indicates that the order is not yet Complete.

Once the Delloop BETA team has seen the order go through the Demo Store they will change its status to “Completed” and, as per most stores, you will receive a notification email from the store advising this, at which point you can proceed to the STEP FIVE. 

In the meantime, continue to STEP FOUR, below.

Go to the Delloop Web App …. here

The Delloop Web App is mostly replicated from the Mobile App. Here the Member has the opportunity to take advantage of the larger format and extra display space.  You will also notice a clearer layout of all the pages where the Member can Sort and Filter as required.

  1. Login with the same credentials
  2. You will be taken initially to your Dashboard which has a graph and statistics displayed
  3. The WARRANTY STATUS graph (see example below) indicates the Status of your product’s warranties. In this case, you will see it as completely green indicating both your products are IN warranty. Other statistics will also appera on this page.
  4. From Left Menu select MY PURCHASES where you will see familiar tabs 
  5. Under the ORDERS tab view the transaction you already completed
  6. Click on the ‘eye’ icon on the right to view a detailed listing of the transaction information
  7. Scroll down to view the BUY IT AGAIN icon (see below). If you clicked on this icon it would take you back to the Store where you made the original purchase and
    you will be taken back to the item (if it still exists) where you can add it to
    the cart.  You may need to log in before
    you can complete the purchase.


On either the Web or Mobile App go to My Purchases (filing cabinet icon)

  1. In My Purchases note that if the Retailer has processed your order it will now have moved from the “Orders” tab to the “Purchases” tab with a status of “Completed”.  Over time the Member would see all their shopping history in this area.
  2. Click on the ‘eye’ icon for details of the order(s)
Use the Mobile App to Scan the QR Code to receive an Incentive at delivery

On a delivered package a Delloop Member will see a similar message and QR code to this.

  1. Use your phone’s camera to scan the the above QR code
  2. When you scan the code a similar gift (INCENTIVE) to the ‘Free Shipping’ image (as shown below) will appear 
  3. This incentive will be saved in the INCENTIVES area of the App
  4. Go to the bottom menu of the Mobile App and select the ‘Hamburger’ (3 line icon) and select INCENTIVES from the left-hand menu
  5. Note the incentive will be present in the listing
  6. Click on the listing to see the full image
Use Mobile App to report a Delivery Issue(You could also use the WebApp)

If there was a problem with the product or the packaging when the delivery was received the Member can report it.

  1. From the bottom menu select DELIVERY ISSUES (truck icon)
  2. Click ‘ADD ISSUE’
  3. Select one of the issues, e.g., ‘Package Damaged’
  4. Click ‘NEXT’
  5. Use the drop-down menus to select Retailer, Purchase and Product
  6. Use the back arrow top left
  7. Take a photo of something as an example
  8. Click ‘NEXT’
  9. Type a short message
  10. Click ‘NEXT’
  11.  Press ‘SEND’
Later in STEP NINE when the BETA test team see the Delivery issue appears in the Retailers backend they will respond and you will be able to see how the query is handled. 
Use Web App to send a Query to a Store (You could also use the WebApp)
  1. From the left-hand menu in the Web App select QUERIES (hand/gear icon)
  2. Click the top right blue button ‘ADD QUERY’
  3. Select ‘GENERAL ENQUIRY’ from the list
  4. Click ‘NEXT STEP’
  5. Select a Retailer from the drop-down menu / Or you can skip this step
  6. Click ‘NEXT STEP’
  7. Upload a photo or a document / Or you can skip this step
  8. Click ‘NEXT STEP’
  9. Type a short message
  10. Click ‘NEXT STEP’
  11. Press ‘SEND’

In STEP NINE when the BETA test team see the Query appears in the Retailers backend they will respond and you will be able to see how the query is handled. 

Checking the Web App  for replies from the store for DELIVERY ISSUES and QUERIES 

When the Delloop BETA team (acting as the Retail Store) has written a reply to your Delivery Issue or Query, you can check back to read the replies.

  1. Select either DELIVERY ISSUES or QUERIES from the left-hand menu (Web App)  / OR Select the ‘Truck’ icon or ‘Gearwheel’ icon in Mobile App
  2. Click on the message you see in the list (your original message) and you will see the Retail Store’s reply.
Use Web App to see ALERTS from Retail Stores 
When a Retail Store wants to tell a Member about something important, e.g., a new store opening, an upcoming sale, a product recall, it sends an ALERT.
  1. Select ALERTS from the left-hand menu
  2. View the ALERT in the listing
  3. Click on the item in the listing to see the full alert
Use Web App to see SPECIAL OFFERS from Retail Stores 

When a Retail Store wants to send an offer to a Member, e.g., a new product, a discount, a two-for-one offer, it sends an OFFER.

  1. Select OFFER from the left-hand menu
  2. View the OFFER in the lsiting
  3. Click on the item in the listing to see the full offer.
Testing other features
There are a number of other features that require a simple click to check they are working.
  1. The Favorite Stores (the star icon)
     -This is simply the top Ten Stores the Member is buying from, the stores are hyperlinked
  2. Help
    – A complete help file including FAQs
  3. Terms
    – The Terms and Conditions
  4. Privacy
    – The Delloop privacy document
  5. Contact
    – This form is used by the Member to contact Delloop about issues with the Delloop Apps and not regarding issues between themselves and a Retailer.
     Please complete this form indicating you have completed the BETA test
Thank you

This competes the BETA test- we thank you for your assistance. We will be sending you a small toekn of our appreciation in the weeks to come as well as a personal invitation to become a Delloop VIP Member.