Beta Testing Program

Register now and be part of a new concept in E-Commerce.
You’re invited to join the rolling beta test of the Delloop Solution.

This is a right-time right-place, first-to-market solution solving a range of significant real-world problems for e-commerce companies of all sizes and their Customers.

Online Shoppers: you will beta test the benefits of being a Delloop Member, where you will test the Incentives received on Delivery, as well as the Special Offers and Alerts that a Retailer may send you.  

You will see how Delloop keeps track of all your online orders and your product warranties.

Most importantly, as a Member beta tester you will try out the easy way to directly communicate with a Retailer for any kind of support.

For Retailers: you will trial a new concept in customer interaction – for trouble-shooting queries, solving delivery issues, and facilitating friction-less returns, as well as experience an extended lifecycle that goes well beyond the sale.You will have access to ALL Delloop Members, for highly targeted, permission-based marketing in the form of Alerts and Offers, that extends beyond your own customer base.And take advantage of a lot of insights and metrics that will enable you to stay connected to your customers in a whole new way, as well as attract a stream of new, qualified customers.Delloop is an easy-to-install plug-in designed to support all E-commerce owners.Thank you in advance to all our Delloop Member and Retailer beta testers!

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