Introducing Delloop for Shopify

Not just another Shopify APP, Delloop for Shopify is a completely new concept. Designed to enable Shopify Retailers to leapfrog their competition by providing them and their Customer‘s never-before-seen features.

What is Delloop?  Delivered through a simple non-obtrusive add-on plugin/APP to existing eCommerce platforms, Delloop supports retailers by providing access to repeat sales, precision customer and product usage analytics as well as introducing them to novel marketing opportunities to existing and importantly “fresh” Customers.

Delloop provides Retailers with a 360-degree shopper-centric pathway to engage with Customers after the sale. The simple addon (APP) to a Shopify store provides a new Retailer Dashboard and a new Mobile App for your Customers, together these form a  powerful new platform. Delloop solves pain points and creates new opportunities and a pathway to repeat sales and an increase in Customer loyalty.

It is a resource that automates Marketing, Communication, Repeat Sales and creates new opportunities

Delloop also helps reduce friction caused by troublesome after-sales communications problems around delivery issues, returns, warranty claims, tech support and more.

All this through the understanding that Communication after the sale is key to ensuring customers return, make repeat purchases and become Retailer evangelists.

The Delloop for Shopify add-on (APP) is available from the Shopify APP store.

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