Manufacturers, CPG brands and Online retailers are constantly trying to reduce the divide between themselves and their customers. More recently, they are looking towards more customer-centric marketing to create a bridge.

Trigger marketing, which is a recent advent in email marketing, has become popular. It involves retailers sending highly customized emails (or SMSs) to small groups of customers at specific times. These notifications are usually related to a specific event – a user downloading the retailer’s App or spending time on the App or site, as well as specific holiday events.

Going one step beyond this approach is D-Trigger (Dimensional Trigger) Marketing where communication is based on what is happening in the Customer’s lifecycle or a product’s usage lifecycle.

D-Trigger messaging is delivered directly, it’s always personally relevant and it’s ‘triggered’ according to what is occurring in the customer’s life – their own personal events or areas of interest, other purchases they’ve made, or how they are interacting with products they’ve already purchased.

Importantly communications are sent via a dedicated bi-directional communication channel, so the customer receives them instantly and does not need to be browsing the site, using the App, reading emails or text messages.

Through D-trigger Marketing customers receive specific Alerts and Special Offers that they can respond to instantly while they are engaged.  Built-in expiry dates mean longer validity times for taking up offers and as they are stored for later take up, customers can refer back to them at a later, perhaps more suitable time. Inboxes are never filled with, what most customers regard as ‘spam’.

Specific customer characteristics or a customer’s particular product usage habits trigger personalized messaging in the Alerts and Offers so that each iteration reaches the heart and mind of each customer.

Being bi-directional the customer is free to respond to the messaging or even reach out unprompted to the retailer directly at any time with their specific queries or points of interest, or simply to Buy Again.

Although every Alert and Offer is aimed precisely at highly qualified existing customers, to effectively boost take-up, increase loyalty and reduce customer attrition,  D-Trigger Marketing also has the advantage of being targeted to potential new customers from a wider pool than just the Retailer’s own database.

D-Trigger Marketing is a necessary evolution. It finally frees the seller from the constraints of email, PPC and other catch-all solutions.

Delloop CEO, Lou Schillaci

D-Trigger was developed by Delloop over the last two years specifically for the Direct to Consumer industry, however many other online retailers recognize the value of this direct and highly targeted marketing channel.

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