Customer-Centricity: more than a Buzz Word

The buzz word across the whole of the retail industry is CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY.

For some this simply equates to using whatever measures necessary to increase profits from your best customers. To others it’s about putting your customer first and at the centre of everything you do, in order to build a stronger, more connected, long-term relationship.

But even if you’re a retailer with the most altruistic of intentions how do you bring the customer closer to you if you don’t know enough about the paths they take to get to you?

Today’s version of the Customer Journey revolves around what a retailer wants to sell and not what a customer wants to buy

This obviously needs to change, however if time and effort has gone into identifying shopping trends and buying triggers, then for a retailer it’s all too easy to lose sight of the more elusive, sliding-door moments that are your real opportunities for engagement.

Achieving true customer-centricity starts with embracing the vagaries of this customer journey and creating touchpoints along the way. The aim: to create a 360-degree endless loop of connectivity with the customer. These touchpoints, both shopper-instigated and retailer-generated, are waypoints along a moveable timeline. They are key to gauging interest, polling data, gathering invaluable insights.

Many consumers, particularly the savvy (and fickle) online-shopping millennials, not only want to take control of how they shop, they also want to have a say in the brands they buy from. They want to have influence over the products that that brand creates – how sustainable the products are and how ethical the brand itself is.

Reaching your customer is no longer a straight push or pull process. You cannot mandate customer-centricity and your increasingly savvy shoppers cannot be manoeuvred into position.

Achieving customer-centricity is a far more subtle approach, yet there are definite metrics within the rhythm of this dance.

Given this it’s evident that there is a demand for meaningful engagements and relevant communication and for this to be achieved the interaction needs to be bi-directional.

Retail Technology Innovator, Delloop, is focused on bringing, what it calls, Human-Centricity to the forefront of business protocols and workflows. Its solution goes beyond the sales cycle and takes into consideration the life cycles of both Customer and Product, creating a 360-degree enduring life cycle.

Delloop captures moments of truth from in-store experiences and online journeys, going beyond the customer’s front door into the important extended customer journey, of product usage, all the way through to recycling.

Delloop’s technology addresses key issues of cart abandonment, customer acquisition, resolution and enquiry paths, personalised direct marketing, incentivisation and affiliates, all in a measurable, sustainable manner.

Delloop helps retailers reach the hearts and minds of shoppers and turns consumers into social influencers.

Curious about the Delloop solution?

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