We’re developing the Delloop solution through the integration of many of today’s tried and proven technologies. Focus has always been on providing the consumer with the customer service experience that meets their traditional expectations. The technology to achieve this is utilised in such a manner as to ensure the processes appear simple and are easy to use.


We believe that currently available solutions for customer experience (aka CX) while being impactful, miss on a key fact: Customer experience does not end with the sale of the product, in fact that is where it enters into its most important step of the lifecycle. By capturing the moments of truth across the lifecycle of design/ build, shipping, shelf-life at retail, last-mile delivery, initial / post-warranty usage and indeed, disposal in a closed-loop opens up a wealth of insights which will help everyone in the value chain to discover, understand and improve the customer experience.


Delloop solution is dedicated to delivering the promise of “A Perfect Customer Experience” and technology will be a key enabler for the same.

Delloop will deliver on this promise by leveraging our unique expertise on technology, cross-domain & industry experience and above all, a razor-sharp focus on what matters the most: People Centricity.

We have already witnessed the way I- centric experiences, business models thriving on data, contextual insights & prioritizing on every experience rather than on individual transactions have brought about completely new models of delivering customer value for enterprises across the globe.

Having experienced and indeed, thrived on these changes, we are getting our solutions, including Delloop, aligned to enabling future markets, from now till 2025.

Here are the key business drivers which we see as shaping business dynamics for next few years.

  • From personalized marketing to personalized products and services.
  • From better UI to AI to extended reality
  • Co-Working and living with robots
  • Delivering experiences. Here. Now.

These megatrends are what we believe drive the consumers, enterprises and underlying technology evolution for the next few years.


At Delloop, our technology strategy is built to support the business vision & not the other way round. As the markets we serve in manufacturing, logistics, retail and recycling evolve to keep pace with fast-changing consumer preferences, so does our technology strategy to stay in tune.

As of Jan-2020, we believe that 1st wave of the digital revolution is already passed and many of the industries have understood and adapted to the realities of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud & Internet of Things.

As we prepare for the 2nd wave of disruption as enumerated “Solution Overview” section, there are some new technology paradigms which we will need learn beyond traditional IT and 1st wave of Digital technologies aka SMAC.

The 2nd wave of disruption will hinge on what we have already witnessed in the 1st wave: Fluid Technology assets, from discrete physical systems and services to invisible, omnipresent, frictionless and accessible technology. Our model for the 2nd wave of Digital 2.0 is what we call as “LiQuID”.

Here are underlying pillars of future LiQuID™:

The Delloop solution is being built with 1st wave of Digital technologies as core components, but with architectural flexibility to incorporate the LiQuID technologies as they become mainstream. Indeed, our founders are pioneers in business solutions and services using these technologies. For Delloop, our technology decisions are made keeping in mind the relevance for our customers, capabilities in the industries we serve and strategic alignment we have with key technology vendors.

  • Microsoft Azure for cloud infrastructure & services
  • SAP for business applications and integration platform
  • IBM for retail solutions
  • Twilio for cloud communication
  • Several class leaders in NFC technology


Digital solutions, due to their very nature need a unique ecosystem, mindset and approach to succeed. Having worked with best of the breed organizations across the globe for their complex digital solution programs, we have built an evolving & yet reliable approach for the solution design, build, operate and improvement.

Technology for the sheer sake of it plays no part in the Delloop solution.

Interested parties may request further information based upon approval and the exercising of an NDA.