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Delloop appoints CTO

Lisbon, April 20, 2020: As the Delloop founders launch into working with their first investor, Startupbootcamp, work on the Delloop solution continues, now under the direction of newly appointed CTO, José Neto.

Neto studied at the Faculdade dos Guararapes (Brazil) and over the past 13 years, he has worked with some of the worlds most advanced multi-national tech companies, such as Trip Adviser, CleverTech, OLX and Record TV.

He is a Fullstack developer, experienced in developing complex solutions for both back-end and front-end web projects, yet he is passionate about learning and growing his knowledge base and skills. José is an avid researcher who prides himself on staying up to date but learning something new every day. His maxim: “Code is poetry”.

“We are delighted to welcome José to the team as our CTO,” stated Delloop CEO, Lou Schillaci. “José has impressive experience working on leading-edge projects. We particularly appreciate José’s unique combination of vision and problem-solving abilities, which makes him a perfect fit for our fast-moving start-up.”

With the support of its investment team, Startupbootcamp, and guided by its new CTO Neto, Delloop is poised to release its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in this quarter.

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Delloop announces first investment and enters world-class Commerce cohort

Lisbon, March 23rd 2020: In just two months since its official launch, e-commerce start-up, Delloop™, announces its first investment.

Delloop was one of the eight successful applicants (out of 392), to be accepted into the 2020 Startupbootcamp Commerce Accelerator in Amsterdam and was acknowledged for its ecommerce solution that reduces operational costs, increases efficiency and boosts customer retention, all while providing an enhanced customer experience.

Recognised as one of the top global accelerators, Startupbootcamp will provide Delloop with three months of support from industry experts, mentors, investors and corporate partners, along with a cash injection.

Delloop Founder and CEO, Lou Schillaci stated: “This is an excellent acknowledgement for us and validates that what we are developing is on track to be a real solution for the ecommerce industry.

Myself and the team are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Startupbootcamp We have seen the boost this type of investment has given to other similar start-ups and we intend to make the most of it,” Schillaci said.

The Startupbootcamp Commerce 2020 program is led by Douwe Bart Mulder, who on March 20th 2020 said: “After an intensive scouting and selection procedure, we are proud to announce the selected start-ups.

“We look forward to helping organizations grow together with our partners, mentors and investors. This program is extra special because we start in a complete online environment.”

Specifically about Delloop Mulder stated: “This highly experienced team of series entrepreneurs [at Delloop] enriches the commerce journey by offering innovative, traceable shipping options.

Delloop focuses on solving issues facing E-commerce as an industry – inefficiency in last-mile delivery, costly customer acquisition, customer churning, and spiralling support and marketing costs. By taking a holistic inclusive approach Delloop technology delivers powerful features and cost savings for all the players in the e-commerce transactional loop, including the retailer, the shipper and the manufacturer.

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Boundary breaking e-commerce start-up, Delloop announced today

Lisbon, January 10th 2020: After several month’s research and development, the company, which was, until recently, in stealth mode, is now poised to go to market in Q2 2020.

Delloop focuses on solving issues facing E-commerce as an industry – inefficiency in last-mile delivery, costly customer acquisition, customer churning, and spiralling support and marketing costs.  By taking a holistic inclusive approach Delloop technology delivers powerful features and cost savings for all the players in the e-commerce transactional loop, including the retailer, the shipper and the manufacturer.

CEO/Founder, Lou Schillaci stated: “Despite the progress, the e-commerce industry has made in the past two decades it continues to face many unaddressed issues.

“Starting with ironing out last-mile delivery issues, we discovered that our solution not only enhanced the customer’s experience, the technology also addresses many other fail and pain points all the way back up the chain to the shipper, retailer and manufacturer.”

Focusing on the customer journey, end-to-end, from cart to delivery, support through to recycling, Delloop has developed a solution that both empowers the customer but also creates an enduring connection with each party.

Through a gamified APP, website and secure military-grade encryption, Delloop members are able to automatically register themselves with any online store featuring a Delloop button. Details are automatically uploaded to the site with little or no customer input.

Purchases made through partner stores are logged to the member’s page for their reference. Details include images, serial numbers, documented service, return or issues and more. The system also alerts the member when a warranty period is about to expire.

Service or delivery queries are initiated and documented via the APP without need for email or phone communications. Being all-inclusive the system alerts the appropriate partner/s by directing the query to the appropriate person/department.

Schillaci continued, “We’ve created a product that is more than just software, wider in scope than just a platform. We’ve developed something that responds intelligently to the way people live and interact with e-commerce.”