About Us

About Us

The co-founders of Delloop have a lot of experience as online retailers. They know, first-hand, the frustrations of customer service – the disappointment for customers when things go wrong, and the cost for the retailer trying to make things right.


They decided to fix Customer Service once and for all by creating a communication channel that links Retailers to their customers directly. No more third party handling or automated responses, just one straightforward method of communication.


The Delloop team may not be the youngest bunch of entrepreneurs around, but they make up for that with their wealth of experience in marketing, international business, taking start-ups to exit and high level technical and domain expertise.


“It’s rare to encounter startups that find a very real problem and offer the right solution at the first try. I can only see the extremely experienced Delloop team hit the nail on this one.”

Marco Bravo C.

LiveChat Ambassador

“I’m very impressed with your presentation and definitely get the central role (in eCommerce) you aim to take.”

Patrick Ryan

Ajiva Ventures BV

“Delloop has experienced and driven founders who can help solve eCommerce business issues.”

Jin Han

Managing Partner - Globus International

“A senior team of serial entrepreneurs”

Douwe Mulder

Program Director Startupbootcamp

Communicating with sellers on Amazon, for example, is frustrating. And, if you’re talking about a different retailer with their own website, those can be even more of a hassle. So yeah, Delloop is an excellent idea.

Jon Lehman

Owner - Creative Dynamic Software