What are the specific issues facing the industry players?



Despite the progress, the industry has made in the past two decades–from paid search to affiliate marketing, and more recently the demand for multichannel and the growing sophistication of marketing technology–performance metrics have remained largely unchanged, with online retailers still fixated on conversion. With that, we see many unaddressed issues. Its time to look at a holistic all-inclusive approach to these. That’s what Delloop is all about.

  • Lowering Last-Mile Delivery Costs
  • Delivering Valuable Customer Experiences
  • Reducing Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Creating Customer Loyalty
  • Developing better and more efficient Customer Servicing Methods 
  • Reducing Customer


At one time, customers educated salespeople about their needs and provided information to help them shape customized products and solutions. Today, the internet has transformed the way information is accessed—with one tap on a website you can easily compare a competitor’s offerings. But that’s a one-way street. Nothing is learned about the customer’s requirements during this process. By looking at this issue in again. a holistic all-inclusive approach, Delloop tackles these issues.

  • Developing bi-directional interaction with the Consumer
  • Promoting registration of products
  • Creating Customer Loyalty
  • Reducing Consumer Servicing Costs
  •  Reducing Consumer Returns/Refunds/Warranty issues
  • Monitoring Consumer trends
  • Moving towards selling outcomes not products


The eCommerce revolution has turned the “traditional” supply chain on its head. From speed to delivery, to increased expectations for the delivery experience, this change has in large part been driven by the more empowered consumer of today. However, this change doesn’t come without challenges, many of which manifest in the last mile of delivery. Again, Delloop takes a holistic all-inclusive approach to these issues.

  • Reducing last-mile delivery inefficiency
  • Creating valuable Customer Experiences at Delivery Point
  • Developing Transparent Operations
  • Opening Feedback channels
  • Promoting responsible 3PL providers
  • Reducing Client Servicing Costs

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